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We'll handle your paint job with attention to detail. Your vehicle is in good hands when you bring it to Roy's Auto Body, Inc.!

With over 100 years of combined experience, Roy's Auto Body, Inc. is the team you can trust with your vehicle. We'll be sure to meet your exact specifications and ensure your paint service is of top quality. We work hard to ensure you have the easiest repair sequence possible.

Technicians you can trust

  • Touch-ups

  • Repainting

  • Color matching

  • Fade and damage restoration

We'll make your vehicle look brand-new again with our services

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Is your vehicle losing value due to dents, paint chips, or collision-related damage? Do you have scrapes, scratches and other wear and tears that can be touched up with paint? Or do you just want to give your vehicle a different feel by giving it a new color? No matter which category you fall into, you can come to us to give your vehicle the paint job it deserves. Also, we'll give you a FREE estimate so you know the cost of your service in advance.

Give your vehicle the paint job it deserves